Bundle 5: Brighten your Skincare Routine

Bundle 5: Brighten your Skincare Routine

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Achieve brighter skin in just four steps:

Jojoba Activating Cleansing Oil 125ml

Jojoba Bead Cleanser 20ml

Pigmentation Oil 30ml

Multi-Defence Moisturiser 20ml

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The Brightening Range

Delivering superior results, our Brightening Range elevates our Iconic Wadi-Wadi Jojoba using the latest technology and all-natural ingredients. Paired with Abyssinian oil, Tyrostat™ and rumex, it is clinically proven to lighten skin and reduce redness in in three weeks.

Decreasing age spots by 25 percent in just six weeks, our Brightening Range is specifically designed for those with pigmentation, redness or mature skin.


From seedling to shelf, our natural products are safe for all skin types, ages and concerns. We only use the purest ingredients, free from unnecessary synthetics or fragrance.


Our farm adheres to the highest sustainability practices, and our packaging incorporates recycled materials. 


We don't subscribe to animal testing, and any ingredients we don't grow on our Beresford Farm are ethically sourced.


The unique healing properties of our Wadi-Wadi Jojoba enables our skincare to delivery visibly transformative results, naturally.