Benefits of Jojoba Oil

Jojoba is the only plant to store liquid wax in its seeds. Sharing the same molecular structure as the natural oils found in healthy human skin, making it more receptive to receive vital nutrients and antioxidants, restoring balance, and helping your skin behave as it was always designed to do.

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Why Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba? Wadi-Wadi Jojoba Other Jojoba
Higher amounts of Omega 9 than other species of jojoba
Extra virgin cold-pressed ?
Filtered 14 times for absolute purity
Grown in nutrient rich soils
Strict quality control ?
Australian grown ?
Traceable, from bean to bottle we manage every step of the way
Sustainably and ethically farmed ?
Our Wadi-Wadi Jojoba is actually carbon negative, giving back more carbon to the earth than it takes to grow. Incredible for your skin and the planet.

Why Jojoba skincare?

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Jojoba Oil Properties

Jojoba structure

Jojoba has the same molecular structure as the natural wax esters in our skin. Our skin's sebum contains 30% of these wax esters. These wax esters are responsible for keeping skin cells plumped, maintaining open pores and deeply cleaning the skin, resulting in an overall healthy complexion

How jojoba works

As we age the wax ester content in our skin begins to diminish resulting in dry skin and eventually fine lines. Jojoba is the only known plant source of wax esters that is able to replenish these lost esters, as our skin recognises jojoba as its own and allows this golden liquid to penetrate deeper into the skin, where it is able to nourish and regenerate skin cells.

The molecular structure

Jojoba wax esters are similar to human skin sebum wax esters.

100 reasons why we love jojoba

Because Jojoba is rich in nutrients, vitamins, and omegas there are hundreds
of ways our pure Australian Jojoba can help in your life.

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10 Benefits of Jojoba Oil & Why Its The Best Thing For Your Skin

1. Jojoba works with your skin, not against it

As a liquid wax ester - and not an oil - jojoba actually has a similar molecular structure to the wax esters naturally found in our skin.

This helps our skin recognise jojoba as its own, allowing for nutrients to be carried deeper into the skin’s layers.

2. Jojoba has a variety of uses 

While it is most common to use jojoba as a facial oil, our jojoba can also be used in many other ways:

to moisturise your scalp and hair

as an all-over body oil

as a beard oil/to calm irritated skin post-shaving

as a cuticle oil

as a moisturising oil for your lips

to soothe your dog's dry or cracked paws

mixed with sugar to create a scrub

added to a clay mask to add moisturising properties

3. Jojoba won’t clog your pores

Jojoba is non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog the pores like some oils do. It is unlikely Jojoba will cause breakouts or acne, but instead helps to calm breakouts.

This is especially important for those who deal with oily skin. Although it may seem counterintuitive, using our Jojoba on oily skin types can actually aid in controlling and regulating the natural oil production in your skin. 

4. Jojoba is packed full of vitamins and omegas

Aside from being an antioxidant itself, our Australian Jojoba contains vitamins A, D and E and omegas 6 and 9. Let’s take a look at what these can do for your skin:

• Vitamin A is an antioxidant that boosts collagen production and elastin, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

• Vitamin D is a vitamin that plays an important role in the protection and rejuvenation of skin and enhances the skin’s immune system to help destroy free radicals that cause premature ageing

• Vitamin E is an antioxidant that’s beneficial in reducing UV damage to skin, softens skin and helps the skin retain moisture

• Omega 6 is a fatty acid which helps replenish the lipid structure of the skin and is vital in maintaining your skin’s barrier, keeping it smooth, moisturised and elastic.

• Omega 9 is a fatty acid that maintains hydration, improves skin elasticity, softens skin and reduces inflammation

5. Jojoba is suitable for all skin types

Our Australian Jojoba works well with all skin types.

For dry skin, Jojoba will deeply nourish and hydrate the skin. For oily skin, it will help to regulate the skin’s oil production.

What’s my skin type?

6. Jojoba has an extensive shelf life

Jojoba has a longer shelf life than most plant oils, lasting up to 2 years. 

Tip: If you mix Jojoba with other oils, it will help extend the shelf life of that oil, giving you a longer total shelf life.

For example, rosehip oil has a shelf life of about 6 months, but lasts up to 2 years when mixed with our Australian Jojoba. This is what we’ve done with our Jojoba and Rosehip Oil, to give you the benefits of both oils for an extended amount of time! 

What are the benefits of Jojoba and Rosehip Oil?

7. Jojoba regulates sebum and oil production for skin and hair

Jojoba mimics the naturally produced oils in our skin. When it is applied to the skin, it provides deep hydration and moisturisation, sending our skin the message that it does not need to produce more oil. That is why it is so effective for regulating oil production for oily skin.

In terms of hair, our Jojoba will benefit all hair types, however, we recommend it to those with more curly hair types, as Jojoba will help to keep the scalp moisturised, reducing frizz.

Read all about using jojoba for hair, here.

8. Jojoba is a natural emollient

Emollients are oil-rich components that treat dry, flaky skin, leaving you smooth and soft.

Helping support and replenish your skin barrier, emollients work best when applied on wet skin, or after your humectant step - like a water-based serum.

Jojoba is a natural emollient. Natural emollients are preferable to synthetic emollients, as they don’t restrict the skin’s respiration and don’t contain residues of toxic chemicals.

Learn more about emollients, humectants and occlusives and why you should incorporate them into your skincare routine.

9. Our jojoba contains no nasties or additives

When you see our Australian Jojoba on the shelf, you can rest assured that the bottle has had nothing added to it. 

Even further, we don't use any chemical fertilisers on our Jojoba trees, so from bean to bottle, we ensure our process is clean and vegan.

10. Our Jojoba is sustainably grown in Australia 

Australian made and owned, we nurture all of our jojoba trees right here on our Beresford Farm, located in Yenda, NSW.

As the birthplace of our Jojoba, we ensure our Beresford Farm follows processes that are sustainable and good for the environment - which is why our jojoba crops feed on composted animal manures instead of chemical fertiliser.

Additionally, our Wadi-Wadi Jojoba crop is carbon-negative, meaning it actually removes more carbon from the atmosphere than it creates.

Learn all about our Beresford Farm, here.

Jojoba Oil 5-Star Reviews

Great Australian product. I don't think I can live without this product. I noticed a marked improvement in my skin within a week. I recommend this product.

Sue P.

Nourishment. Jojoba oils are so nourishing, they leave my skin feeling amazing, silky smooth glowing with all the naturally good added benefits. Fabulous selfcare heading into our summer months.

Ann-Maree R.