What Is Jojoba?

What is Jojoba?

Pro Tip, It’s Pronounced “Ho-Ho-Ba” 

Looking for a product that has it all? One that is safe and adaptable to any routine? Then you’ve probably heard of Jojoba. Nourishing the body from head to toe (literally), Jojoba oil is an essential staple product. With rich properties, no harsh scent, and long shelf life, this carrier oil’s benefits go beyond the beauty aisle.

Rich in vitamins A, D & E and omegas 6 & 9, Jojoba is incredibly beneficial in keeping the skin healthy and protected. It is also clinically proven to provide up to 8 hours of moisturisation for the skin.

Is it an oil?

Contrary to popular belief, Jojoba is actually a liquid wax ester and not an oil. Although it shares the same consistency as an oil, the Jojoba plant produces wax esters that hold a similar molecular structure to the oils naturally found in our skin. So, when using Jojoba, our body becomes more receptive to vital nutrients and antioxidants, helping our skin balance just as it was designed to do.

The Jojoba Lifecycle

Jojoba Plant

Jojoba’s life cycle begins with a plant. Our Jojoba crops were planted back in 2000, on our Beresford Farm in Yenda, NSW. It took roughly 8 years for these plants to be mature enough to harvest. Once the Jojoba plants are mature, they’ll drop beans, which are left in the sun to dry up.

Jojoba Beans

When the beans are collected, they are sent off to be crushed and the precious golden liquid extracted. Did you know that the Jojoba found inside makes up for 50% of the mass of the bean?


The collected Jojoba is extra virgin cold-pressed and then filtered 14 times for absolute purity. It is then bottled - nothing is added to the pure Jojoba.

Once we have the Jojoba, there is so much we can do with it. It can take many forms, like:

Jojoba Milk

When Jojoba is emulsified with another ingredient, we can turn it into a milkier substance, which we call Jojoba Milk. With the same great properties as Jojoba, Jojoba Milk is a vegan product with a lighter consistency than regular Jojoba.

Jojoba Beads

Jojoba can also be solidified and turned into little beads, which is what we have done with our Jojoba Bead Cleanser. These are a natural, environmentally-friendly alternative to using plastic microbeads, which are harmful for the ecosystem.

Jojoba Leaf Extract

Jojoba Leaf Extract is a water extract that comes from the water contained within the Jojoba leaf. When used in skincare, it improves skin structure, enhances the skin’s barrier function and restores the skin’s moisture.

Hydrolysed Jojoba

Hydrolysed Jojoba is simply Jojoba that has been broken down by water to form a new complex with properties that are different to the original form of Jojoba. Using Hydrolysed Jojoba has many benefits, including increasing hydration, helping skin retain moisture and acting as a skin softening agent.

The Best in Beauty at beautyheaven.com.au


We are so excited to announce that our 100% pure Australian Jojoba has just taken home 1st place in the category ‘Best Facial Oil’ as part of beautyheaven’s 2023 Best in Beauty Awards!

With over 84,000 consumers voting across several Beauty categories, we are thrilled that our pure Australian Jojoba, known for its benefits in moisturising and repairing sensitive skin, was voted as #1! 

"We are so honoured and proud that our iconic Australian Jojoba and the heart of our skin care range has won this prestigious award. It is wonderful that so many people have enjoyed the many benefits of the jojoba nurtured on our Australian farm. We look forward to more people enjoying the benefits of our multi-tasking icon."

- Co-founder Vicki Engsall

An everyday treatment for dryness, redness and irritation, as a non-comedogenic and pure, natural skincare solution, we are glad to know that our Australian Jojoba continues to be a favourite amongst Australians.

What makes our Jojoba different?

Our unique strain of Jojoba, the Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba, is special as it has been proven to contain higher levels of omega 9 than other strains of Jojoba.

The benefits of Wadi-Wadi Jojoba include:

  • Australian grown, sustainably farmed
  • Grown in nutrient-rich soil
  • Higher levels of Omega 9 than other species of Jojoba
  • Strict quality control, no additives
  • Traceable, from bean to bottle
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Natural antioxidant
  • Won’t clog pores

Benefits of Jojoba

Some of the benefits of our Australian Jojoba include:

  • Our Jojoba is hypoallergenic 
  • Has a similar molecular structure to the oils naturally produced in our skin
  • Has a wide variety of uses for skin, body, hair & nails
  • Soothes sunburns
  • Provides 8 hours of moisturisation
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Vitamins A, D & E plus omegas 6 & 9
  • Extensive shelf life - up to 2 years
  • Regulates oil production in skin & hair
  • A natural emollient
  • No nasties or additives
  • Sustainably grown in Australia

How to Incorporate Jojoba into Your Skincare Routine

There’s various ways to incorporate Jojoba into your everyday skin or hair routine. Using the purest Jojoba, like our Wadi Wadi Australian Jojoba will add a boost to your self-care routine, no matter how you use it.

Jojoba for Skin

The wonderful thing about Jojoba is that it is suitable for all skin types. It is incredibly hydrating for dry skin, helps to replenish dehydrated types like oily/combo skin and will help improve the appearance of skin conditions, including rosacea, psoriasis and eczema.

Jojoba, when used on the face, helps to balance the skin. Add a few drops into your moisturiser for extra nourishment or use as a facial oil after applying moisturiser. Jojoba oil contains Vitamin A, D, E, and Omega 6 and 9, promoting antioxidants and plump, glowing skin.  

Some ways you can incorporate Jojoba into your skin routine include:

  • Use it as a facial oil, applied after serums but before moisturiser
  • Add a few drops to your moisturiser for extra nourishment
  • Add a few drops to a face mask
  • Mix with brown sugar to make a lip scrub
  • Apply to lips as a protectant
  • Use as a massage oil
  • Apply to the body to calm redness and soothe skin irritation
  • Add a few pumps of Jojoba to your bath
  • Use as aftersun care to calm skin and reduce redness
  • Mix in with your body wash for added moisturisation

Jojoba for Hair

Jojoba is also incredibly nourishing for hair and our scalp as it brings hydration, increases shine and prevents split ends and damage. Jojoba can also help to control dandruff, maintain the oil production in the scalp and reduce frizz.

Some ways you can incorporate Jojoba into your hair routine include:

  • Add 3 to 5 drops of our jojoba to your conditioner
  • Apply from roots to ends of hair, leave overnight, then lightly shampoo out for an intense hydrating treatment
  • Massage into the scalp to promote hair growth
  • Apply from mid-lengths to ends of dry or damp hair as a hair serum
  • Use to tame fly-aways
  • Apply to skin before dermaplaning to allow better gliding
  • Apply to skin post shave or wax to calm skin
  • Use as a beard oil

Jojoba for Nails

Jojoba hydrates your hands, leaving strong and healthy fingernails. While your body naturally brings moisture to each layer of your nails, not every layer receives the hydration they need.

Specifically, the top layers are overly dry, leading to breakage, chipping, and brittleness. Add a few drops of Jojoba and massage it all over your nails and cuticles, and you’ll immediately see the growth and strength.

Jojoba for Anti-Ageing

Jojoba contains vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps lock in moisture. This will work to visibly increase your skin's elasticity and firmness. As a result, your wrinkles and fine lines will be less noticeable.

Here’s what you can expect from one of our Age-Defying Jojoba products:

  • Hydrate, nourish skin, and prevent ageing from a young age or rejuvenate mature skin
  • Younger-looking, plumper, and healthier skin
  • Firm & lift skin, including mature skin
  • Smooth fines lines & wrinkles
  • Blue light protection

Jojoba for Lips

Your lips' sensitive skin can get chapped and flaky from exposure to the sun, wind, cold, and dry indoor temperature. Jojoba oil, which is abundant in the hydrating vitamins E and B, offers an easy, all-natural approach to replenishing moisture on your lips, making them softer and smoother.

Additionally, our natural Jojoba lip balm with vitamin C-rich Kakadu Plum is renowned for its skin-protective antioxidant properties. It functions as a barrier for your lips to prevent dryness.

Here’s what our vegan Jojoba lip balm can do:

  • Soften and moisturise
  • Soothe dry and cracked lips

Jojoba as Cleanser

Jojoba is one of those rare beauty staples that can be used around the eyes, making this perfect natural makeup remover. Add some oil to a cotton ball and watch the makeup melt away. Using Jojoba as a cleanser is incredible because its chemical composition mimics the healthy oils our skin produces.

To sum it up, applying pure Jojoba to your skin as a cleanser:

  • Extracts excess sebum
  • Removes dead skin, makeup, and everyday dirt

Jojoba as Aromatherapy

Jojoba is a fantastic carrier oil for essential oils in your massage practice because it doesn't have a scent of its own. And unlike other massage therapy oils, Jojoba leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky rather than oily, sticky, and greasy. Plus, you won't need to be concerned about developing acne because it is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.

It’s also an excellent oil for hot stone massage since it can be heated without losing any of its beneficial properties.

Additionally, Jojoba oil doesn’t usually transfer to clothes because it is quickly absorbed by the skin. This means that the sheets you use during your massage will be easy to clean. However, if it does get on your cotton fabrics, it is simple to remove with hot water and detergent.

Jojoba for Baby

Jojoba is great as it’s safe for baby’s sensitive skin too. Jojoba is incredibly soothing for skin issues or rashes that your baby may be experiencing such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and diaper rash.

A high source of vitamins and omegas, Jojoba is excellent for a baby's face, body and for massages. It serves as the ideal moisturiser for keeping newborns' skin supple and hydrated. It can also help with conditions like cradle cap.

When it comes to your baby's needs, Jojoba just might be your one ingredient solution.

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From Our Farm to Your Front Door

The Jojoba Company manages every step of the process, ensuring each bottle is of the highest quality. We keep our entire process natural and transparent and are proud to be all-natural, cruelty-free, and vegan friendly, so you can trust what you are putting on your body. Australian Jojoba gives your skin something to brag about.

Whether you’re looking for a new beauty favourite or you’re looking to upgrade to a better blend of Jojoba, our company is here to assist. Offering the best Jojoba on the market, each use will have you adding another bottle to your cart.