Our Story

Jojoba. pure, golden liquid that penetrates deep into the skin.

We are passionate about the jojoba plant and what its fruit, a prized delicate little bean, can do.  It produces a rich, pure golden liquid wax (it is often called jojoba ‘oil’).  But unlike oils this unique liquid wax acts like our skin’s own natural oils, absorbing deep below the skins surface.

“It is the only plant on earth known to produce a wax similar to that found in young, healthy human skin” 

Australian made & owned

Sharing the benefits of jojoba is our mission, so we took this amazing Aussie grown jojoba and became the first in the world to develop an entire skin care range from it. 

“ I co-founded The Jojoba Company at about the same time I was starting my own family, so this skin care range was inspired by my commitment to a ‘no nasties’ home life:  pure wholesome food, natural cleaning products  and now my own skincare that is gentle, made from nature and safe.  I have no time to read about all those chemicals and preservatives in the ‘fine print’.  I need to trust it is going to be pure—no excuses, no compromises.”

Vicki Engsall, Co-Founder

natural australian skincare that heals & nourishes

What is so inspiring about creating a skin care range based on jojoba is that you see the benefits. There is a visible difference as your skin responds to its daily pampering, moisturising and care—it achieves its full potential— beautiful and healthy.

Father and daughter team, Ian Turner and Vicki Engsall co-founded The Jojoba Company in 2008.