Skin Care-antine

Skin Care-antine
Skin Care-antine: noun// Deliver what is necessary for the health, wealth and protection of your skin during quarantine.
In the face of this unprecedented health crisis, it’s crucial to take extra steps in keeping ourselves safe, and that starts with cleaning our hands.   
Our thoughts are with everyone during this difficult time, especially our essential services and health care workers who are on the front line. And as an Australian made and owned company, we want to help our fellow Aussies in every little way we can. 
So, collectively with our suppliers, formulator and team, we worked tirelessly to create a special hand sanitiser for you, our jojoba family.
With the incredible natural fighting powers of lavender, eucalyptus bluegum, tea tree and 70% alcohol, our hand sanitiser is created as always with our Wadi Wadi jojoba at its heart.
Working together to deter germs, our nourishing jojoba soothes your skin, leaving your hands silky soft.
Simply spritz our jojoba sanitiser on your palm and rub your hands together until dry.
Because skin health is necessary – take skin care-antine.