What you need to know about Oil Cleansers

Clean skin is the key to healthy skin

When treating skin conditions, all skincare should be applied on freshly cleansed skin. So, it’s safe to say that as a first step, your cleanser is just as important as your following skin care.

Cleansing oils are another option to remove makeup, and excess oil, but they work differently to traditional water soluble cleansers. Cleansing oils leave hydrating ingredients on your skin so it feels smooth and soft rather than tight or dry.

Whether you have a full face of makeup or are foundation free, cleaning away the day is not to be missed.


Does Jojoba Oil Clean Pores?

As a truly non-comedogenic wax ester, Jojoba won’t block your pores and actually works to rebalance your sebum

The Best Cleanser

Like all other skin products, cleansers are categorised into skin types and textures. You don’t want any ordinary cleanser; you want a natural face cleanser designed for your skin.

Cleanser for Oily Skin

Citrus Gel Cleanser

This soothing gel cleanser uses our powerful Wadi-Wadi Jojoba alongside of niacinamide and mountain pepper berry to clear, calm, unclog pores and balance excess sebum helping calm acne & breakouts without stripping skin. Your perfect acne cleanser.

How to use a cleanser: Apply onto fingertips and massage into damp skin until a subtle foam appears. Rinse well. For best results, use morning and night.

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Cleanser for Dry Skin

Jojoba Bead Cleanser

This gentle cream cleanser enhances the benefits of our Wadi-Wadi Jojoba using papaya and quandong. With natural plant enzymes and our Jojoba beads, this velvety cleanser leaves your skin clear and hydrated.

How to use a cleanser: Apply onto fingertip and massage into damp skin for 60 seconds. Rinse well. For best results, use after removing your makeup with the oil cleanser.

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Cleanser for Ageing Skin

Jojoba Activating Cleansing Oil

A luxurious Wadi-Wadi Jojoba cleansing oil enriched with sunflower seed oil and mandarin to promote a radiant healthy glow. Transforming into a milky emulsion, this oil cleanser melts away makeup, excess sebum and dirt.

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Cleansers for Men

Our entire collection is inclusive of both genders. In particular our pure Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba makes an excellent beard oil and it’s a great emollient pre and post shave. When it comes to our cleansers, we would recommend our Jojoba Activating Cleansing Oil for men. Leaving skin nourished, supple and soft, this oil-based cleanser is great to nourish and hydrate both beards, stubble and skin.

Which Cleanser is Best for Double Cleansing?

If you are wearing makeup or SPF we would recommend a double cleanse. One cleanse to remove your makeup and a second to clean the skin. Try our Jojoba Activating Cleansing Oil to melt away your makeup and our Citrus Gel Cleanser to unclog your pores and prep your skin for your following skincare.

Why Should I Use An Oil Cleanser?

Oil base cleansing oils are great for ageing or mature skin. Jojoba Activating Cleansing Oil is teeming with essential vitamins and omegas, it helps maintain moisture and rejuvenates the skin. Helping replenish ageing skin, it brightens and boost skin radiance.

How Many Times a Day Should I Oil Cleanse?

Every skincare regime should start with clean fresh skin. So, we would recommend you cleanse both morning and night. Give your skin that healthy glow during the day or wash away the daily pollutants before bed.

How Often Should I Exfoliate?

Have you tried Jojoba Bean Natural Exfoliant yet? 50% of each Jojoba bean is cold-pressed and filtered 14 times to craft our signature golden liquid and the other 50% is finely milled into a gentle face and body exfoliant, completing the bean lifecycle means zero-waste from bean to bottle. As a physical exfoliant we recommend using an exfoliant two to three times a week. Our Jojoba Bean Natural Exfoliant is great mixed with our Australian Jojoba after cleansing or, just mixing your Jojoba Activating Cleaning Oil + your Jojoba Bean Natural Exfoliant for a single step cleansing and exfoliating step.

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