Jojoba Oil For The Whole Family

Nature’s Gift for the Whole Family
Native to America, jojoba was grown in the harsh conditions in the desert. When missionaries first studied Native American’s in the early eighteenth century, they noted the radiant and flawless skin of the elders despite the dry desert environment. They watched as the elders applied a golden oil to their skin every day to heal and condition. Only it wasn’t an oil, it was jojoba, the only plant on the earth to produce a liquid wax like that found in healthy, young human skin.
Then comes our story and our Australian species of jojoba, Wadi-Wadi.
Our Wadi-Wadi Jojoba is unlike any other jojoba on the planet. Uniquely grown in the nutrient rich soils of the Australian Riverina region on our family owned farm, Beresford Farm, our entire skincare line is ethical, clean and effective.
The Jojoba Company was born out of our Co-Founder’s struggle to find skincare that was safe for her growing family.
Stumbling across the incredible qualities of jojoba, Vicki and her dad Ian began bottling up pure Wadi-Wadi Jojoba grown right here in Australia.  
Extra virgin, cold pressed and filtered 14 times, our signature Australian Jojoba is filled with incredible natural vitamins, omegas and antibacterial properties making our golden liquid premium.
Because our Australian Jojoba is overflowing with natural goodies, it makes it perfect for just about everyone! Designed for 8 billion different skin types, Wadi-Wadi has over 100 uses for the whole family. 
From nourishing mum’s hands, to taming dad’s beard and soothing bubs sensitive body, Wadi-Wadi is the perfect product for the biggest to the littlest members of your family. 

Kitchen: after you finish washing the dishes a drop of jojoba will restore the moisture content the suds took away.
Back door: Place a drop of jojoba in everyone’s hands to nourish after digging in the veggie patch with your kids.
Dining room: rub a few drops on your wooden table to polish and clean
Teens room: With antibacterial properties, jojoba has been proven to reduce acne on hormonal skin
Bathroom: a few drops added to your bath nourishes the whole body putting back what the day took away.
Parent’s retreat: an excellent massage oil with natural nutrients to enrich the skin of your partner
Nursery: A few drops massaged into sensitive areas helps soothe nappy rash