Celebrate Christmas with The Jojoba Company

Celebrate Christmas with The Jojoba Company

Life gets busy. 

Often, we find ourselves so caught up in the daily grind of life, that we forget to take care of ourselves. Between school, work, kids, deadlines and bills, it can sometimes feel impossible to slow down.
But I’m sure we can all agree that Christmas time is the one holiday that finally gives us that chance. A chance to take a break, come together and enjoy the things that truly matter in life.
Sometimes, all we need is a holiday, to bring us back down to earth.
This Christmas, we want to celebrate this sentiment. Instead of praising the grind, we want to take the opportunity to praise the pause.

"We want to encourage people to slow down, pause and remind themselves of the things that matter the most to them. Embracing our roots. Appreciating life’s simplicities. Bringing ourselves back 'down to earth'."

Co-founder, Vicki Engsall

Celebrating the Simplicity, Gratitude & Joy of Christmas

Our #DownToEarth campaign was inspired by the simplicity, gratitude and joy of Christmas. So what do these three values mean to us?


This is all about getting back to basics. It means stopping to reflect on what actually brings us joy, and what does not. When you strip your life back to basics, can you say that you love what you do? Are you happy with who you're surrounded by? With what you have?


Reflecting on what we are thankful for, no matter how big or small. Maybe it's a new promotion you got or your favourite homecooked meal. We believe that practising gratitude often can help you become more happy and content with what you have and with your life.


Choosing happiness, even when it’s hard. With those things that you previously identify as things that bring you true bliss - try to incorporate them into your life as much as possible. Perhaps it's a certain person, an environment you love being in or a pastime you enjoy.

Collaborating with Australian artist Katherine Elizabeth

Our Beresford Farm, located in Yenda NSW, has always been an integral part of our story and brand. This is why it was important for us to collaborate with an artist who shared a similar connection to the Riverina region.

To help bring our vision to life, we partnered with Katherine Elizabeth, an Australian abstract artist from Wagga Wagga, to help design our limited edition Christmas gift packs.

Upon meeting her, there was no doubt in our minds that Katherine and her art would be perfect for representing the simplicity, gratitude and joy of Christmas time. Not only did we feel connected to her because of her proximity to our Beresford Farm, but as we listened to her story, we found many parallels.

Each of our Christmas gift packs, which feature some of our bestselling skincare products, will be wrapped with Katherine’s beautiful design. The design, titled Heart of Jojoba, is an outpour of gratitude and a celebration of the simple things in life that bring us true bliss.

"In our initial interactions with Katherine, we were astounded by the similarities in our stories," says co-founder Vicki Engsall.
"From our connection to the Riverina region, to our passion for finding beauty in nature and the simple things. It felt like a perfect harmony, with our narratives coming together in the most authentic way."

Who is Katherine Elizabeth?


Growing up, Katherine always enjoyed creating art. Whether she was in trouble or in love, she would paint or draw as a way to process her feelings. Katherine married her high school sweetheart and had two sons, Mac and Samson. When her son Mac was diagnosed with autism as a toddler, Katherine dedicated her time to ensuring he received all the support he needed.

After a while Katherine started to feel burnt out and in need of a fresh start. So, she decided to quit her job, sell the house her family was living in and buy a church, which they would convert into their new home.

She decided to instead pursue a Visual Arts Diploma, and practised her art every chance she could. In doing so, Katherine was able to bring together a sustainable arts practice.

With Katherine’s sons about to start school, she now has every opportunity to dedicate herself entirely to her art. In July this year, she held her first solo exhibition in Wagga Wagga, titled ‘Translation’. A collaboration of small and large canvas paintings, the exhibition was a representation of her absorption of all things emotive, including music, literature and stories.

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