The Hype is Real: Here's Why You Need Our Bestsellers

The Hype is Real: Here's Why You Need Our Bestsellers
Looking to enhance your skincare routine with high-powered natural skincare?
Get to know what makes each one of our bestsellers worthy of a permanent spot in your everyday skincare routine.

1. For Brightening and Redness-Reducing: Vitamin C Glow Potion

Vitamin C Glow Potion with ingredients

Results: Scientifically-proven to increase skin luminosity* and visibly reduce redness**, our gentle Vitamin C facial oil is the perfect companion for you! 
Pair with SPF: The antioxidant nature of this facial oil means you can pair it with your favourite SPF in the morning for effective protection against free radical damage and the sun. Additionally, 4 weeks is the golden rule for when you should begin to see changes in your skin, so don't be disheartened if you don't see changes immediately!
Hydration: Plus, it’s proven to make skin feel smoother by up to 32%***, so you’re getting adequate hydration while evening out the skin tone for a refreshed appearance!
Application: Apply this one in the morning, after your serums, but before your moisturiser.

2. For Hydrating and Firming: Ultimate Youth Potion

Triple Hydration: Replenishing all three parts of the skin’s oils (which is made up of wax esters, triglycerides and squalene), Ultimate Youth Potion features our hero Jojoba along with plant oils Macadamia and Olive for all-round hydration. 
Results: Experience an increase in skin elasticity and firmness by up to 20% in one week****, plus you can rest assured knowing Ultimate Youth Potion is scientifically proven to hydrate significantly better than other oils by up to 25% in one week!****
Application: Applying to your skin after serums, pre-moisturiser or add a pump to your moisturiser for a double boost of hydration!

3. Versatile Moisturising Product For Skin, Hair & Nails: Australian Jojoba

Identical Structure: Jojoba holds an identical structure to our skin’s natural oils, so it’s superior in providing moisturisation for your face, hair, body and nails!  
Long-Lasting: Scientifically-proven to provide moisturisation for up to 8 hours*****, you’ll feel soft and hydrated long after you’ve applied.
Hair & Nails: Apply Jojoba as a cuticle oil or mix in with your conditioner for added moisture.
Application: Apply this one whenever you feel you need your skin needs a boost of moisturisation. In a skincare routine, apply after serums but before moisturiser.

4. Firming & Wrinkle-Reducing: Ultimate Serum

Collagen: This serum features human-identical vegan collagen HumaColl™21 which has been created through biotechnology. This ingredient is scientifically proven to increase firmness of the skin by 133%****** and increase collagen by 9*******. 
Damp Skin: Apply Ultimate Serum to damp skin to increase its effectiveness. Hyaluronic acid works best on damp skin as it attracts water and binds it to the surface.
Partners in Time: Pair Ultimate Serum with Ultimate Youth Potion for the ultimate age-defying duo to target fine lines, wrinkles and sagging, leaving your skin hydrated, healthy and youthful-looking.

Scientific Studies:

*Evaluation of skin luminosity at D0 and D28 (Colorface®) in Vol no. 13 - 38 years old using Blush Oleoactif®each day 
**Self-perceived efficacy of BLUSH Oléoactif® vs placebo at D28 
***Evaluation of reduction of redness at D0 and D28 (Colorface®) in Vol no.13 - 38 years old using Blush Oleoactif® each day.
*****Claims based on clinical tests on 13 people from 60-80 years applied twice daily for one week.
******Claims based on clinical tests on 10 women between 25-59 years of age.
*HumaColl21™ stimulates collagen type 1 by 197% vs 117% for Retinol when tested in invitro control group.
*******Claims based on clinical tests conducted on HumaColl21™