Jojoba Australia Community: A Year In Review

Jojoba Australia Community: A Year In Review

Made, owned and grown in our backyard, The Jojoba Company call Australia home.

We hold that badge proudly and over the course of this year, we have used our position to help our Aussie friends and family who have been doing it tough. There has been many ups and downs, so here is a peak at what 2020 looked like to us.

2020 - A Year In Review

01 - January 02 - February

Our hearts went out to those who were impacted by the devastating bushfires that burnt over 18 million hectares across the nation. As lives, land and homes were destroyed, we decided to donate 100% of our profits from within 24 hours to three charities supporting firefighters families, wildlife rescue and Kangaroo Island. As the true impact of the fires began to unravel, we adopted two new members of The Jojoba Company, Lismore and Myoora from Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

As news broke out that our whole country was in drought with many states over 80% drought effected, we reached out to Rural Aid. With our premium Wadi-Wadi Jojoba grown in rural NSW, we knew first hand what the impact of a drought can have. Not just on the land, but farmers, their family and entire towns. Together with the help of Rural Aid, we donated over 34,000 litres of water to our Aussie farmers.
03 - March 04 - April

The launch of our newly formulated Ultimate Youth Potion with L22 was a huge success! With the golden benefits of our new patented ingredient, L22, it is the visible results you would expect from a serum but now in our most loved facial oil.
With the impact of COVID-19 reaching our shores, the need for hand sanitiser saw empty shelves and many go without. So, our Co-Founder and Product Developer Vicki worked tirelessly to craft a hand sanitiser making it accessible to all. Using a powerful blend of Jojoba, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus and 70% Alcohol, to help protect and nourish the skin. Deciding to gift a Jojoba Hand Sanitiser with every order over the month, we hand packed and sent thousands of bottles across the country.
05 - May 06 - June

As our frontline workers took the brunt of the pandemic, we donated our signature Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba alongside of our Jojoba Hand Sanitiser to hospitals and regional non-for-profits like The Forrest Centre on International Nurse Day.

Celebrating all month long, we were honoured to take home the crown for Best New Brand from TVSN’s annual Customer Beauty Awards. With the award proudly displayed in our office, we are forever grateful to our loyal fans for putting the trust in us to nurture your skin.
07 - July 08 - August

Not only did we celebrate our 11th birthday this month but, we also welcomed a new product to our Wadi-Wadi Jojoba lineup. Introducing Calming Jojoba! With all the stress around the globe, we took this month to craft a delicate blend of essential oils to calm the skin and the mind.

Pairing our new Calming Jojoba and our Jojoba Hand Sanitiser, we donated this duo to frontline workers in Melbourne who were in stage 4 lockdown restrictions after an outbreak of COVID-19 spread throughout the city. Sending hundreds of bottles to our neighbouring state, nurses and other essential workers were treated to a moment of Jojoba.
09 - September 10 - October
Introducing our new Multi Defence Moisturiser! A few years back we did a huge refresh of our brand. We not only did a huge makeover on our packaging but we also assessed each product and the ingredients inside. Discontinuing and revamping some of our old favourites, our Multi Defence Moisturiser is a new and improved Protective Day Cream. Using the latest technology in skin advances, this new formula contains the patented ingredient Ectoin. Protecting your skin from every day environmental aggressors, it is a true 6-in-1 moisturiser.
Partnering with The Happy Boxes Project, we donated hundreds of moisturisers to Indigenous rural communities in the Northern Territory. The non-for-profit organisation creates hygiene and cosmetic boxes to those women who don’t have access to everyday products.
11 - November 12 - December

This month we launched our very exciting Jojoba Glow. Using our premium Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba and ethically sourced Mica, gloss, glisten and glow the sustainable way. Selling out in three weeks, we were amazed by the incredible support you have shown us and our vision for smarter natural skincare.

In the lead up to Christmas we have teamed up with seven small Australian businesses with like minded values. Hosting a giveaway for the first twelve days of Christmas we gave away over 50 prizes to our TJC friends and family.

Thanks for Taking The Jojoba Journey.

Thank you for coming along for the year, we have big things planned for 2021 and can’t wait to share them with you all.