Clinically Proven Results:

133% increase in skin firmness**   |    9% increase in skin collagen**   |    24% decrease in frown lines.***

133% increase in skin firmness**
9% increase in skin collagen**
24% decrease in frown lines.***

Ultimate Serum + HumaColl21™

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, visibly increases skin firmness, hydrates & tightens, this clinically proven serum delivers an instant smoothing effect, visibly reducing wrinkles and firming the skin. 

Key benefits:
• Increases collagen production • Reduces appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
• Visibly increases skin firmness • Hydrates and tightens
• Sustainably produced with zero animal inputs

Clinically proven to outperform Retinol and Vitamin C in its ability to increase collagen production, our Ultimate Serum now includes the world’s first vegan collagen HumaColl21™.

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The skin produces 28 different types of collagen and type 21 has been identified to maintain skin elasticity, hydration and youthfulness. HumaColl21™ is a 100% replicant of collagen type 21 giving your skin the tool to defy ageing naturally. Derived from plant sugars and crafted using biotechnology, HumaColl21™ is the world’s first human identical, vegan collagen.Crafted using sustainable fermentation processes which are similar to beer brewing, the human-identical collagen is produced using only a fraction of the land, water and time normally required to process animal collagen, creating a vegan and sustainable alternative to traditional collagen.

A breakthrough in the Australian skincare industry, when combined with our two molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid, HumaColl21™ is clinically proven to increase type 1 collagen production by 171%* compared to when used separately.As well as Ameliox™, a peptide naturally derived from milk thistle and carnosine, which increases skin elasticity and reduces glycation, while jojoba leaf extract provides antioxidant protection and nourishment.

Our Ultimate Serum empowers your skin to uphold vibrant youthful skin.

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Now with HumaColl21™, an innovation in vegan collagen, which is proven to outperform leading anti-ageing actives including retinol, vitamin C and marine collagen.


With Ameliox™, a peptide naturally derived from milk thistle and carnosine, to increase skin elasticity and collagen leaving skin smooth, supple and soft. 

Hyaluronic Acid

The two molecular weights of hyaluronic acid provide both instant hydration to the skins surface and long-term hydration to deeper layers while helping to repair the natural barrier function.

Clinically demonstrated benefits

HumaColl21™ is shown to outperform leading anti-aging active ingredients and deliver powerful 3rd party human clinical trial results.

100% of subjects showed improvement

Corneometer readings taken at baseline and after immediate application.

100% of subjects showed improvement

Cutometer readings taken prior to application and after 14 and 28 days of use.

93% of subjects showed improvement

Measured wrinkle size at baseline and after 28 days of use.

71% of subjects showed improvement

Measured Eyrthema at baseline and after 14 and 28 days of use.

**Claims based on clinical tests conducted on HumoColl21
***Claim based on clinical tests using Ameliox™

The Ultimate Jojoba Journey with Elle Halliwell 

- Testimonials -

I love this product, it smells amazing and also leaves me with a radiant glow!
So light & silky but so effective. I’ve been using this now for 2 years & people often comment on how good my skin looks. A fabulous product that I don’t like to go without