Jojoba & Enzyme
Radiance Mask

A non-abrasive, deeply exfoliating mask for a revitalised, smoother complexion.

16 days to smoother, more radiant skin. 

50ml  |  $39.95


Jojoba & Enzyme Radiance Mask

A non-abrasive, deep exfoliating mask for a revitalised, smoother complexion.

16 days to smoother, more radiant skin. 


Powerful results -
without the irritation.

This new exfoliating mask deeply cleans and purifies while gently dissolving dead skin cells to reveal brighter, radiant skin.

Powered with ACB™ Fruit Mix (AHAs), a unique combination of 7 fruit enzymes - Glycolic, Lactic, Tartaric, Malic and Citric Acids as well as Salicylic Acid (BHA), this non-abrasive, exfoliating mask deeply cleans and purifies while gently dissolving dead skin cells to reveal a revitalised, smooth complexion.  

Proven results:

  • More efficacious than common synthetic AHAs in skin renewal vs irritation*
  • Speeds up skin cell renewal rate to 16 days*​*

Papaya Extract

Glycolic Acid

Has natural and effective exfoliating properties to brighten the skin by removing dead skin cells and flaky patches on the top layer of the skin.

Kale Extract

Glycolic Acid

Rich in Vitamins A, B, C and K (Omegas 3,6,9), it detoxifies the skin, tightens pores, increases cell turnover and collagen production and fights free radicals due to its powerful antioxidant nature.

Sugar Cane

Glycolic Acid

Accelerates dead-skin-cell sloughing and surface exfoliation. It can also stimulate the skin's collagen production.


Lactic Acid

It aids in the exfoliation process and stimulates skin to make ceramides, which help keep moisture in and irritants out.

Citric Acids

Citric Acid

Lemon Essential Oil & Orange Fruit Extract help to eliminate irritating impurities (from the air, water, and heavy metals)  by grabbing onto these so that they cannot enter your skin.

Sugar Maple

Tartaric Acid

Aids in ceramide stimulation and gentle exfoliation.

What are AHAs? 

AHAs are acid exfoliants that work to slough away the dead skin that lives on the skin’s surface - helping dull skin to look brighter again. They also work to reduce the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, scars, and uneven skin tone.

Glycolic Acids

Glycolic acids are powerful antioxidants known for their superior abilities in accelerating dead skin cell sloughing, pore tightening and stimulating cell turn over.

Lactic Acids

Lactic acid is an effective exfoliant that encourages cell turnover and evens out skin tone, while helping the skin hold on to moisture.

Breaking down BHA
(Beta Hydroxy Acid)

Compared to AHAs, BHAs exfoliate at a deeper level to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum. They can help to reduce redness, inflammation and blemishes.

Naturally sourced from White Willow Bark, Salicylic Acid deeply cleans excess oil out of the pores. It flushes out impurities and works to loosen and break apart the connection between the skin cells. It also encourages skin clarity and brightness.

Deeply exfoliates to reveal brighter, smoother skin texture

Helps promote absorption of other actives


Safe for all skin types, ages and concerns, even acne

Free from unnecessary synthetics, fragrance, harmful additives and chemical nasties

Create your radiant skincare routine with the Jojoba Brightening Range

Our Brightening Range is specifically designed skincare for dull skin, normal skin and those suffering from problem skin.

Start your Jojoba Brightening Range Journey today:

Start with your favourite Jojoba Cleanser to wash away impurities and keep skin clear.

Help your skin help itself.

Centuries ago, the Native Americans extracted a luminous golden liquid from Jojoba seeds to soothe, heal and restore their skin. This ancient super-ingredient is unlike any other oil, because it isn’t one! Jojoba is the only plant to store liquid wax in its seeds and this wax shares the same molecular structure as the natural oils found in healthy human skin, making it more receptive to receive vital nutrients and antioxidants, restoring balance, and helping your skin behave as it was always designed to. So while most skincare products override the natural functions of our skin, Jojoba helps the skin to fix itself. 

Naturally great for you and even better for the planet.
Spread over 80 hectares of nutrient-rich soil in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Beresford Farm is Australia’s largest nurtured sustainable Jojoba farm and home of The Jojoba Company. From bean to bottle, each step in our process is crafted with the earth and you in mind. As it needs little water, the Jojoba plant is perfectly suited to the Australian climate. With no pests or diseases there’s no need to spray the trees with chemicals — we can just let nature do the work! And Jojoba is carbon negative, removing more carbon from the atmosphere than it creates. This year alone, we have planted over 10,000 Wadi-Wadi Jojoba babies which will be ready to harvest in 2029. 

Why Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba? Wadi-Wadi Jojoba Other Jojoba
Higher amounts of Omega 9 than other species of jojoba
Extra virgin cold-pressed ?
Filtered 14 times for absolute purity
Grown in nutrient rich soils
Strict quality control ?
Australian grown ?
Traceable, from bean to bottle we manage every step of the way
Sustainably and ethically farmed ?

We harvest the beans, you reap the benefits

We harvest once a year, carefully shaking each tree and collecting the beans. The precious liquid is extracted by extra virgin cold pressing then filtering it fourteen times for absolute purity. Every millilitre of our Australian Jojoba is packed with the goodness of more than three beans to soothe, heal and restore your skin.