Keep-On Keeping Australia Beautiful

We might be a little biased…but Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! And we take any chance we can to let people know how proud we are of our home. Proudly Australian Owned and Made we pride ourselves on minimising our environmental footprint.


Great question!

As a safe skincare brand, the ingredients in our products are ethically sourced from nature. So, we have made a promise to take care of the world that grows these incredible ingredients so we can keep making the skincare you love!

As a brand we believe that it is important to take care of this little thing called Earth and are always looking for ways to better ourselves – if you have a tip for us, we would love to hear from you. Please email and let us know what you want us to improve on.


There are so many ways we are minimising your environmental footprint and there is even MORE progress we need to make. We are constantly improving on our ‘how’, for now here are just a few ways we are saying YES to the environment.

Our packaging is 100 percent recyclable and in the case of our Jojoba Bead Cleanser and our Citrus Gel Cleanser we have removed these boxes all together. We place our delicate glass bottles in boxes to help protect them during transit. However, we realised that when it comes to our cleansers, which are in 100 percent recyclable plastic tube, they don’t need extra protection.

The ingredients we don’t grow on Beresford Farm, we ethically sourced from known farmers around the world. When we use say ‘safe’ skincare we aren’t just talking about the product being safe to use on skin, we are talking about our products being safe, from all aspects. We never source ingredients that use child labour or have unsafe work conditions and we never source ingredients that use harmful pesticides and chemicals. Since the very beginning our ethos has never changed, to provide you with safe and effective skincare.

We use compostable packing peanuts in all of our online orders. Don’t be scared when you open up your package and see its filled with white packing fill – it’s not plastic – it’s actually a mix potato and corn starch! Pop them in your compost bin, fill them in a bucket of water to hydrate your gardens or even use them for arts and crafts!

Our products are not just safe for you but also safe for the environment. We go through a strenuous formulation process ensuring our products are safe for all. For example, when creating our Jojoba Bead Cleanser, it was essential to not use plastic micro-beads which end up clogging our waterways at filling the stomachs of sea life with plastic. It is estimated that more than 800 trillion pieces of micro-plastic go down American drains every single day. To combat this, we opted for Jojoba Micro beads which are soft and round so they don’t cause micro tears and dissolve as you exfoliate. To find out more about a natural micro-bead alternative click here.

What About the Future?

Well this Keep Australia Beautiful Week we are encouraging everyone to send in a picture of how you up-cycle your Australian Jojoba bottle. Our signature bottle is the perfect little flower vase or olive oil decanter. Because why recycle when you can up-cycle – give your bottle a new lease on life. Let us see what you create – tag us in your photos on Instagram @thejojobaco or join our private Facebook Page Jojob.a-List.

We are constantly making changes to keep Australia beautiful, because Australia will always be the spiritual home of Australia and we are honoured to call this place home.

To find out more on how you can help Keep Australia Beautiful head to