Hydrate & Defend

When it comes to skincare, it is more important than ever to not just hydrate your skin but protect it.
The great news is, with the right skincare products you can do both – and the best news, with The Jojoba Company you CAN do both!

With our ancient super ingredient, Wadi-Wadi Jojoba, at the heart of all of our skincare we have crafted products for every life stage and skin concern.

Formulated to work together as a team, each individual product is bursting with premium natural ingredients that are more powerful together and help activate your skin’s ability to revitalise itself. 

The Hydration Trio



How to activate younger skin cells? Start from within. Investing in a high-quality serum is one of the best anti-ageing tips. With a small molecular structure, a serum is the first product we place onto our skin. By choosing a serum that has high quality and active ingredients you are not just looking after your skin now, but you’re investing in great skin for the future. Penetrating the deepest layer of the skin, our Ultimate Serum is formulated with two types of Hyaluronic Acid allowing your skin to soak up DOUBLE the benefits:
• Low molecular weight – penetrates the deepest layers softening, hydrating and increasing collagen and elastic production from within.

• High molecular weight – penetrates the surface of the skin hydrating, softening and creating a protective shield to hold moisture and slowly release it throughout the day.

#Skintellectuals: Hyaluronic Acid is a humectant which binds water to it, keeping the skin hydrated and plump, holding 1000x its own weight in water within the skin cells.

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Your oil step in a skincare routine is vital for the first layer of your skin. Sebum secretion is normal throughout the day, so a specialised facial oil is vital to put back what the day takes away.

How to get that healthy skin glow?
Often that radiant, healthy glow is associated with those who use a targeted facial oil.

Choosing the right facial oil for a concern like dark spots, oiliness or redness will help you achieve that radiant, dewy glow in a shorter amount of time.

Because each one of our oils uses Wadi-Wadi Jojoba as the main ingredient, and jojoba is made just like your skin’s own oil, this allows the other active key ingredients in each targeted facial oil to work harder and be more effective. Choose a facial oil formulated for your skin, not the masses.

#Skintellectuals: An oil is an emollient because it sinks into the skin and helps to replace the skin’s natural oils and binds the skin cells together to make skin soft, smooth and moisturised. It keeps oil levels in the skin balanced and helps to reduce water loss in the skin.

It does have some occlusive properties as it does lock moisture into the skin and create a moisture barrier on the skin, however, there are many other ingredients that provide a more substantial moisture barrier on the skin, which is why a moisturiser is your next step. 

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Should I moisturise every day?
Yes! Maintaining your skin’s healthy cells and protecting your skin from the outside world is a moisturisers main job. It is the last step in a skincare regime, it locks in, protects and provides a physical barrier against the elements. A great moisturiser is one that does all this PLUS moisturises the top layer of the skin.

That’s why every one of our moisturisers, day and night, are teeming with active ingredients. Providing that physical shield against modern day aggressors (UVA/UVB light, natural and artificial light/blue light, pollution, infrared etc) each moisturiser is formulated to benefit different skin types.

From anti-ageing creams to oily skin, acne prone and dry skin types, The Jojoba Company has specially crafted a moisturiser for you. Protect and prevent - because no skin is the same.

#Skintellecturals: A moisturiser is called an occlusive because it creates a moisture barrier on the skin to prevent water loss.

Our Wadi-Wadi Jojoba, is an excellent occlusive to use for someone who is worried about clogging their pores or creating congestion in the skin as jojoba won’t do that, but it will still create a slight barrier on the skin to help reduce water loss.

That’s why we use hydrolysed jojoba in our moisturisers which provide superior occlusive properties, holding in moisture very effectively and working as a team when layered on top of our Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba or our targeted facial oils. 

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